Ethan is a twenty-four year old software engineer at a major tech company. He has always enjoyed working with computers and been good at math. Winding up in Silicon Valley was a natural consequence of following his strengths and interests. Now that he has a successful career though, he’s realizing that something is missing. He still enjoys what he does but finds himself wondering at night whether this is all there is to life or whether there can be something more. The following personal spiritual journey was designed through a collaborative process of finding out what Ethan is seeking and what sorts of activities might help him find it. It is intended to persist for six months, after which it will be revisited and updated if necessary. This journey is very exploratory in nature and is intended to identify more concrete things which Ethan might like to work on in the future.

Note: This example journey is solely for instructive purposes. All details are fictional and all images are of models. Cool Magdalene maintains the confidentiality of its members with the same rigor maintained by other religious organizations.

Mind-body-spirit alignment

Focusing on intellectual pursuits can lead to an imbalance of the self. In order to better bring Ethan into balance he receives one and a half hours per week of bodywork intended to help bring his mind, body and spirit into better alignment. A priestess leads him in tantric bodywork and Thai bodywork, alternating between the two each week.

Guided reading

Each week Ethan is given a short reading in a text relevant to some of the issues he’s currently working his way through. Sometimes it’s a passage from the Bhagavad Gita. Other times it’s a chapter from Through the Looking-Glass. Then, for an hour per week, a priestess discusses the reading with him and leads him in guided meditation to reflect on the lessons that can be learned from it and internalize them.

Intimacy/sexual coaching

Ethan has only ever had one girlfriend who he dated while in college. He’s interested in pursuing a relationship but he doesn’t feel like he knows how to be intimate with others and is worried that his inexperience will make him unappealing to others. Once per month a priestess spends four hours with Ethan building both self-confidence as well as basic intimacy skills. The socially focused sessions sometimes include role-playing scenarios in which they’ve just met. Ones with more of a physical focus include cuddling sessions, kissing lessons and guidance on how to touch others in ways that they enjoy.

Self expression

Once per month Ethan meets with one of our more artistically inclined priestesses for three hours and integrates everything he’s worked on that month into a collaborative piece of artwork. This session is about turning abstract concepts into concrete expressive forms. Often things which are unmanageable when they are intangible become clearer and easier to work with when expressed artistically. The artwork which Ethan creates during these sessions is intensely personal, focusing on how he perceives his past and current self as well as the future self who he is becoming.

Extended social contact

Several of Cool Magdalene’s priestesses are active gamers. In order to provide social anchors beyond the guided aspects of his journey, Ethan is on the friends list of several of these priestesses. If he is online when they are then they sometimes play games together. They are aware of the things that Ethan is working on and, while they might check in on him to see how he’s progressing, usually they just hang out and spend some time together playing games.