Personal Spiritual Journey

Our signature product, available only to full time members, is the personal spiritual journey. This is a form of “life coaching” which creates a personalized, emotional and spiritual path for each individual member. As part of the intake process, new members share their hopes, dreams, fears and desires which they feel comfortable sharing. In a collaborative process, we design individual programs for extending their self-esteem and self-actualization. Rather than offering a menu of services off of which a customer may order, we mutually discover a pathway which leads towards a member’s intention.

These programs usually take the form of three, six or twelve month programs consisting of between three and five hours per week of guided work with one or more of our priestesses. Concrete goals and milestones are created and at the end of the duration of the program we whether to continue their existing program or design a new one to fit their adapting needs.

The specifics of each member’s personal journey are unique but we have prepared several archetypal journeys in order to give you an idea of what we have to offer. It isn’t uncommon for people to shift between these archetypes or to mix them. They are offered as descriptive samples rather than prescriptive dogma.


An archetypal seeking journey is one of self discovery. Questions of identity can sometimes be daunting if approached alone. What should I do with my life? Which values do I most want to uphold? How do my sexual, gender, ethnic and racial identities fit with my purpose and my place in my community? If those questions or others like them speak to you then we can guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. Common activities on a seeking journey include:

  • Guided reading and meditation
  • Exploratory bodywork
  • Intimacy and sexual coaching
  • Emotional intelligence building

For more details about this path please read our example seeking journey.


Some people have the answers to the questions asked by seekers. If you understand who you are but just don’t know how to be your best self then we can guide you in constructing your ideal self. We have tools and techniques you can use to chisel your future self from the block of marble which is the present. Building self esteem, confidence and emotional fortitude are basic aspects of this path. Common activities on a self-construction journey are:

  • Personal ritual creation
  • Emotional exercises (both in private and “in the field”)
  • Physical self-expression
  • Effective communication

For more details about this path please check back soon for an example self-construction journey.

Catalyzing Creation

Directing will outwards from the self often requires different abilities and skills than does more inwardly focused work. Creating something new frequently requires the efforts of many people. On this path members hone their abilities to shape the world through consensual collaboration with others. This can be as simple as becoming more comfortable in intimate settings. It can be as grand as building sacred spaces in which the community you lead can work more fluidly. The central theme of a journey intended to catalyze creation is to couple your realized self with the emotional and spiritual techniques you will use to realize your vision. Common activities on a creation journey are:

  • Sacred space creation
  • Community ritual design
  • Platonic and erotic sensual expression
  • Guided coursework

For more details about this path please check back soon for an example creation journey.

Community Integration

Not everyone wants to lead communities or shape the world on the basis of their will. There is honor and dignity in simply being one of the members of a community. Through small works of love and support we can make each other stronger on a daily basis. Unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to integrate successfully with the communities we hope to be a part of. Lack of familiarity with a culture, social awkwardness or even simply being shy can present barriers to achieving the communion with others that we desire. On this path members identify the stumbling blocks which are keeping them from being connected with others and learn how to move them out of their way. Common activities on an integration journey are:

  • Escort to cultural and social events
  • Instruction in local platonic and erotic rituals
  • Guided meditation
  • Study of analogs between cultures

For more details about this path please check back soon for an example integration journey.

Sharing the Load

The eternal re-awakening of becoming who you are can require an immense amount of fortitude. Even if you know who you are and what you want to achieve, the work of it is still work.  It can be exhausting. Having others with whom to share the load can help sustain you. Remembering to prioritize self care and self love can be difficult when you have chosen to dedicate your life to causes beyond yourself. Relaxing massages with scented oils can help quiet the mind and refresh the body. True rest can be had in moments of respite where control is given over to another. Far beyond simple “me time”, this path involves the creation of sacred spaces in which you can renew your emotional and spiritual energies. Common activities on a sharing journey are:

  • Yoga
  • Holistic BDSM / Sacred Kink
  • Tantric / Thai bodywork
  • Weekend retreats

For more details about this path please check back soon for an example sharing journey.

Joint Journeys

Romantic couples or best friends will sometimes choose to embark on a spiritual journey together. Coordinated emotional and spiritual work is the key for those people who have chosen to journey through the world in twosomes, threesomes or moresomes. These pathways involve intertwining two individual journeys into a harmonious whole which creates something greater than the sum of its constituent parts. Through jointly chosen direction, clear communication, compassion and exploration of intimate interconnection you can achieve a more thorough union.

  • Conflict resolution
  • Sexual coaching
  • Movement classes
  • Ego exchange

For more details about this path please check back soon for an example joint journey.