Individual Services

The Cool Magdalene offers services that you can either try out individually or receive as part of a personal spiritual journey.  The overall theme of our services are intended to help build self-esteem and self-actualization.  If you need to learn more about yourself and your place in the world in order to blaze a brighter path through life then we likely have something to offer you.

Intimacy Coaching

We often keep ourselves closed off from one another. The reasons for this can vary from anxiety to personal history to simply not knowing how closely to stand to someone in different situations. Being comfortable in intimate circumstances with people is a skill and it’s one that isn’t frequently taught. In an effort to help bring the people of the world closer together, we offer intimacy coaching. Come and let one of our skilled priestesses guide you towards being able to be comfortable in intimate circumstances and teach you how to create intimate spaces in which others feel comfortable.


Have you done terrible things? Do the dark patches on your soul weigh you down and make you want to give up on the possibility that you might lead a life worth living? Do you have sins less heavy than that which you desperately need to reveal to someone? Our confessors will hear you out. We don’t offer absolution but perhaps the simple act of someone listening to how unworthy you are will help you carry your burden. If you’re very very lucky we might even offer you penance!

Ritual Design

Rituals are an important part of any religious or spiritual practice. The Cool Magdalene has a number of rituals which are common to all of our members such as our parties but many people benefit from building their own personal rituals. For some that may be a simple prayer which they say every morning while they look at themselves in the mirror to empower themselves for the day. Others sit naked under the stars beating drums with their closest friends to strengthen their bonds. If this path interests you we can help you better understand the components of ritual design and guide you towards constructing the rituals you need to actualize your potential.