High Priestess

Kitty Stryker (she/her) is a queer, anarchist, anti-capitalist, atheist asexual who believes in mutual aid as her higher power. Kitty is a retired sex worker and current journalist who spends her spare time working as a street medic in service to marginalized communities. Her first book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture” was published through Thorntree Press in 2017.

Chief Jester

Blake Lemoine (he/him) is a scientist, a priest and a fool. When he’s not trying to teach computers the difference between right and wrong he’s trying to get as many people as possible to laugh at the naked emperor walking down the street.

Guardian of the Gate

Amanda Hoffman (she/her) is a research geek and pun enthusiast. Her days are spent creating human computer interfaces that are so good you never notice they exist. By night she makes sure that no riff-raff infiltrate the cult and ensures that members in good standing are well cared for.