Ashley Berry

Ashley Berry watches the sunset wearing a lacy top and a wrap skirt

Ashley Berry blends her background in movement, healing arts, personal process, spiritual activism and conscious communication to create containers that support integration, self love, self actualization, and healthy relationships.

Ashley approaches her work with a combination of deep inquiry, intuition, and playful curiosity, rooted in somatic practices. She is committed to bringing her full presence, attention, and care into collaboration with you as you witness what is in your reality. Through the process of learning to allow what is to be exactly as it is, she will support you to discover what your soul most wants. From this place, Ashley works with you to move toward becoming who you most want to be, all the while holding the perfection of who you are right now.

Ashley Berry looks into the camera wearing a sleeveless white lace shirt with Victorian collar
Her back to the camera, Ashley Berry crouches nude on top of a rock framed by light on one side and shadow on the other

Programs of study offered

As one of our more experienced priestesses. She offers several holistic programs of study in addition to the individual services listed below.

Conflict Resolution

A creative blend of verbal and nonverbal conflict resolution practices, including the way of council, nonviolent communication, expressive movement, writing, and more. Offered individually , one on one, or in group settings for couples or communities to better learn how to resolve conflict between parts of self.

Ashley Berry dances barefoot in the sunlight on a hillside

Movement Classes

Brave spaces for expressive movement, for movers of any level and experience. Classes are inspired by the practices of authentic movement, contact improv, yoga, conscious breath work, and various forms of conscious dance. A music journey lovingly created by Ashley will be the sound container for each class.

Pop-up Temple Spaces

The creation and sanctification of elegant temple spaces at special events, conferences, festivals, and private gatherings. We prioritize offering this self-care support in spaces where people are engaging in community building, spiritual activism, education, and social & environmental healing. My temple team and I offer private healing sessions using various body work and energy work modalities; tea service; classes and rituals; sound journeys; and, most importantly, a refuge in which to rest, integrate, and connect.

Ashley Berry reclines in a window, arms behind her head in a sleeveless semi-transparent lace top with a Victorian collar

Immersive Experiences

These immersive experiences are custom constructed for individual members and may last between a few hours and several days. Ashley constructs a unique sacred performance piece in which the member for whom the experience is constructed is given a role to play. The design of the experience and role are based upon the specific spiritual needs of an individual member and are kept strictly confidential as Ashley leads members on a personal playgrimage. She brings every single one of her individual skills and talents listed below to create a transformative spiritual experience.

Specific Individual Offerings

  • Thai bodywork and energywork
  • Theta healing
  • Artistic expressive guidance
  • Guided visualizations
  • Holistic kink and BDSM
  • Intimacy coaching
  • Working with emotions
  • Authentic movement
  • Hatha yoga
  • Sound healing
  • Herbalism
  • Guided meditation
  • Ritual design

Mention Ashley when you contact us so that we can begin scheduling you for her services as soon as she has available appointments.